Watch Haley Apply

Haley’s Pro Tips

Morning Application

Apply lashes in the morning to allow adhesive to set because lashes can shift at night.

Apply Side To Side

Apply adhesive in a side to side motion, unlike a mascara application

The Squint Test

Before crimping: look around, blink and squint and make sure theres no pinching.


Premature Fall Out

If a Lash Segment falls out, re-apply adhesive, place the segment, and re-crimp. Watch video below for tips.

Getting Lashes Wet

Wait 4 hours after applying, before getting them wet, and always thoroughly pat dry afterward.

Crimp Regularly

Crimp your lashes in the morning & night, as well as before & after getting them wet.

If You Have Lifting

If your inner & outer corners are lifting, re-apply adhesive and re-crimp.

Clean Your Lashes

Clean your lashes daily with an oil-free cleanser. Our Lash Cleanser or Cleansing Wipes are a great option.

Re-Apply a Lash Segment

Tips For 10 Days

Getting Lashes Wet

Crimp before and after getting your lashes wet to reinforce the adhesive. After getting them wet, thoroughly patting your lashes dry.


Make sure your face and lashes are free of oil before application including oil based products. Avoid using oil based products around your eyes when wearing Pro Lash.

Stack Lash Segments

Overlap the edges of the lash segments slightly to increase retention and avoid gaps in your style.

Trim Lash Segments

Trim the 3rd or 4th Lash Segment lengthwise if your eye shape is smaller to get a more comfortable fit. Never trim the lashes to be shorter in length as they will look less natural.

Crimp Twice Daily

Crimp lashes morning and night for best results. Keep in mind that crimping too tightly or squeezing too hard can cause damage.

Apply Properly Near Lash Line

Try not to apply lashes too close or too far away from the lash line. If they are applied too close pinching or discomfort will occur. Make sure they are comfortable before crimping.

  • Care
  • Prep
  • Stack
  • Trim
  • Crimp
  • Apply

    Let the Lash Remover sit for 10 seconds

  • Remove

    Lash Segments should remove easily. If not, apply more remover

  • Apply

    Get rid of leftover glue with our Adhesive Remover

Remove Your Lashes


The lashes are too long, can I cut them?

No, we recommend cutting the width of the lash sections and not the length as it will disrupt your style's look!

Can The Lashes get wet?

Pro lash can get wet, but long-term exposure can affect retention. Crimping and washing the lashes when going through extreme environments is essential. Wait a couple of hours to get your new set of lashes wet so the adhesive can have time to cure.

How many sets of lashes come in a box

There are 3 sets of lashes in each box. This is about a month’s supply.

Can I overlap the Lash Segments?

Yes, we suggest to slightly overlap each segment for the best retention

How to access my subscription?

You will be able to edit your shipping address, payment method, and your subscription in the subscription portal. This is located on the login page for prolash.com. You will need to select 'Manage subscription'