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Artist Series — Mega Volume Weave

Artist Series — Mega Volume Weave

The Artist Series provides the ultimate lash canvas for you to unleash your creativity and become the lash artist of your dreams. With a range of weaves, sizes, and lash maps at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless. Create, customize, and conquer your unique lash look.


  • MEGA VOLUME WEAVE: The highest density for the ultimate lash volume.
  • ALL EYES ON YOU: Command attention with a breathtaking, full-lash look.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Choose from Small, Medium, or Large packs to find the ideal length for your unique style.
  • UNLOCK YOUR GLAMOUR: The Mega Volume option is perfect for those who want to make a glamorous statement, showcasing the most gorgeous volume.

Dive into the Mega Volume lashes from The Artist Series and turn heads with your glamorous, voluminous lash look today!


*Small pack contains lengths: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

Medium pack contains lengths: 10mm, 12mm, 14mm

Large pack contains lengths: 12mm, 14mm, and 16mm 


*Pro Lock™ Reinforce Adhesive required, sold separately.

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Everything you need and nothing you don't.



How does Pro Lash work?

Pro Lash uses the latest technology in lashes to give you long lasting, amazing looking lashes that are easy to apply at home. We have several patents pending on our lashes and adhesive system. Our Pro Lock™ adhesive is a 2-part system that makes your lashes super easy to apply and last up to 10 days.

Visit our HOW TO page for more information, videos and guides.

How long does Pro Lash last?

Pro Lash can last up to 10 days. The first set you do may not make it the full 10 days because of the application learning curve, but most people are seeing 7-14 days routinely. Currently at time of launch, the record is 25 days of retention for one set!

Is Pro Lash difficult to apply?

Most people find them easy to apply, even for the first time! Our 2-part adhesive makes the application foolproof. If you have any questions or need extra help, please book a private 1 on 1 HERE with one of our Professionals.

How many lash sets come in one box?

Pro Lash has 3 sets of lashes in each box which will give you about a month supply of lashes.

Single Set boxes that will have 1 set of lashes that give you a 10 day wear.

Our Starter Kit has 3 sets of lashes and our Mini Kit has 1 set of lashes.