Lashes are for Everyone

“I had my first “A-hah” moment when I got my first set of lashes over 10 years ago. Nothing transforms your looks like lashes, that first look feeling is incredible! For over a decade we have been leading the professional lash space in innovative products, but less than 10% of women have tried our extensions. I had to change this! Pro Lash brings you professional quality lashes, that last and last, from the comfort of your own home. You will be hooked from your first moment, just like I was!”

- Haley Chipman, Founder and CEO

Solving the Most Critical Issues


10 days of beautiful lashes in just minutes.


Be your own Lash Pro. You got this!


Pro Lash is designed to be light and comfortable.

We innovate for you

“For years, we have known that the biggest issue with professional lash extensions is the time and maintenance it requires. We knew there had to be a better way. It took every ounce of engineering and lash expertise that we had, but we did it. Today we are amazed by the product we have and are grateful to everyone that helped us get it here. These lashes are dedicated to all of the people that never stopped believing in us! We hope you enjoy your journey to your own A-hah moment.”

-Zach and Haley

Zach and Haley have a unique background. Haley is a kind, driven, and brilliant entrepreneur with a knack for lashes. As an engineer, Zach is able to build the products of Haley’s dreams. Together this couple has transformed and innovated the Professional lash industry for over a decade. Today, their focus is set on making professional lashes available to every woman so they too can experience that first first look feeling that Haley had over 10 years ago.

"We are innovators at heart, constantly collaborating with engineers, manufacturers and creative minds to push the limits of our industry and create never-before-seen products. With Pro Lash, I think we just changed the game."

-Zach Chipman, Co-Founder